November 2016 : picnic extravaganza


Trust House & Supervalue, thanks for helping us turn it up to 11 in bringing the Vegas Chapel and superb hoop-competition-MC Vinyl Burns to First Friday!
Lucy Coops, we all had so much fun with yer hoops! I can’t possibly wait til Christmas to get mine from you
The Warehouse Masterton, the kids loved the bubbles, games, chalk the walk and lolly scrambles, thank you!
Featherston’s Own Trust helped out with that too, and the sausage sizzle, which turned into a free/ koha sizz; thanks to the generous spirit of Gina from Feathy School who instead of accepting the proceeds, asked us to give it back to the community so the kids ate free.
Huge shoutout to Jo and Mike, who dressed up, entertained the kids, and sizzled all night on the BBQ- and they skipped a night at work at their Welsh Dragon Bar to do this and give back to the community.