December 2017: Summer Starter

Celebrating the start of Summer together in the Squircle!

Featherston First Friday’s kicked off the season with a scorcher, with December’s Summer Starter held on the first of our long run of 30-degree+ days. We had a great band starring local legend Patrick Bleakley on bass, Little Bushman’s epic drummer Rick Cranson, and Aleister J. Campbell, “the most subversive guitarist in (Welling)town”

Imminent crisis was averted thanks to some quick help from the Mini Train crew: when drummer Rick Cranson arrived, not knowing the gig was outside he had brought a black wooden drumkit that wouldn’t last long in the hot sun. Luckily the train team lent us their shade gazebo and the show went on. Rick, Al and Paddy played two hours of jazzy bluesy numbers, with bit of pyschedelic rock thrown in to make sure we were all paying attention. We love the idea of local musicians and guests getting together to play something new and share it with our town, thanks Patrick for organising this!

Our other special guest for December was Mr Vinyl Burns (aka comedian Kim Potter). Vinyl was not allowed to bring his DJ booth onto the Squircle last year, so we were delighted that this year he was able to join us with his Christmas Cruiser, a decorated mobility scooter.

He sure was mobile! So if you saw a man with terrible teeth and an excellent tartan suit zooming around town on the 1st, and wondered what on earth he was doing, Christmas Carols blaring and that big grin- sorry and you’re welcome…

The creative activity from December was to decorate wooden bunting, and man there was some great works of art created: we’ll be bringing the bunting along to the next First Fridays, so do check it out.

As ever, massive thanks to our sponsors and supporters: Creative Communities Scheme, Rotary, Featherston Community Board, Lee Carter and A Nonymous, and Emily Greenberg. (and everyone who brought classic cars and bikes down to make the road edge a little safer for kids- cheers!)

image has text of summer starter 1 dec 6-8pm, plus bunting