February 2018: Fab Feathy & First Friday Fiesta of Fantastic Fortune

Feb 2018 First Friday banner

Roll up, roll up… !! Again blessed by the Interesting Weather of summer 2018, at the last minute it was deemed too cold and windy in the Squircle and we decided to use our indoor venue of the Featherston School Hall. Already warm and colourful, we added lanterns, glitter curtains, and a sprinkle of First Friday magic, and we were away. (With a little help from our performers…)

acrobat standing on another's shoulders, putting up lanterns for Featherston First Friday

DJ So Dramatic, aka Nick Tawaroa got the night started with some excellent old school jams, while Sophia Therese and Ry from Wellington’s Circus Hub performed acrobatic feats to amaze young and old. Our other performer Nick Davies showed himself to also be a well balanced individual, with handstand balancing on a chair and hat juggling among his feats.

Nick Davies chair act





After a short dance performance by Justine Eldred, who is starting the Tangle Dance School in Featherston, the Fab Feathy group took the floor to talk about their exciting news.

Thanks to their work in consulting with the community and making the application, Featherston has selected for a five year partnership with The Government, to support us in community led development..

That’s cool stuff by the people for the people- that’s what First Friday’s are all about! We were delighted to host them at this First Friday for signing the papers with the Department of Internal Affairs, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and signing a creative pledge to work together.

Two young Featherston First Friday fans- after the dress up box was opened..acrobats blowing bubbles at featherston first friday in February


Then it was back to the party.. with the free Flash Up Yourself glitter tattoos and face painting all night, once the free dressup box was opened on the dancefloor, and the bubbles came out, it was colourful creative chaos- great fun had by all.

Special thanks to Erin at Property Brokers, for persisting with BBQ outside in the cold so the kids of all ages could enjoy a free saussie- Featherston’s Own Op Shop for excellent additions to the dressups- and the Featherston School team for letting us use their space- kia ora x

January 2018: New Yeah? Yeah Nah…

Sorry First Friday fans, we were so disappointed the atrocious weather meant we couldn’t bring you “ New Year, New Yeah!” on Friday 5 January. Thanks heaps to DJ Stepper D (aka Dave Heath) for last minute cancellation- we hope to have him in Featherston another time! A Wairarapa resident who plays drums for a few local bands, Dave also DJs for Wellington’s RadioActive FM, as s a regular host on their reggae show Roots&Culture.

Over the years Rebekah and I have had some most excellent times under summer sun listening to reggae and dub music, so we thought what better way to relax into the new year, than bring a picnic to the Squircle and listen to some chill reggae vibes…? Alas it was not to be…

We were also inviting everyone to join us to bring even more vibrancy to the Squircle, with a challenge to colour outside the lines… this is an idea too good not to do, so watch up for ”Funk N Roll” in March for the Chalk Challenge to return!


brick path coloured in with sidewalk chalk








December 2017: Summer Starter

Celebrating the start of Summer together in the Squircle!

Featherston First Friday’s kicked off the season with a scorcher, with December’s Summer Starter held on the first of our long run of 30-degree+ days. We had a great band starring local legend Patrick Bleakley on bass, Little Bushman’s epic drummer Rick Cranson, and Aleister J. Campbell, “the most subversive guitarist in (Welling)town”

Imminent crisis was averted thanks to some quick help from the Mini Train crew: when drummer Rick Cranson arrived, not knowing the gig was outside he had brought a black wooden drumkit that wouldn’t last long in the hot sun. Luckily the train team lent us their shade gazebo and the show went on. Rick, Al and Paddy played two hours of jazzy bluesy numbers, with bit of pyschedelic rock thrown in to make sure we were all paying attention. We love the idea of local musicians and guests getting together to play something new and share it with our town, thanks Patrick for organising this!

Our other special guest for December was Mr Vinyl Burns (aka comedian Kim Potter). Vinyl was not allowed to bring his DJ booth onto the Squircle last year, so we were delighted that this year he was able to join us with his Christmas Cruiser, a decorated mobility scooter.

He sure was mobile! So if you saw a man with terrible teeth and an excellent tartan suit zooming around town on the 1st, and wondered what on earth he was doing, Christmas Carols blaring and that big grin- sorry and you’re welcome…

The creative activity from December was to decorate wooden bunting, and man there was some great works of art created: we’ll be bringing the bunting along to the next First Fridays, so do check it out.

As ever, massive thanks to our sponsors and supporters: Creative Communities Scheme, Rotary, Featherston Community Board, Lee Carter and A Nonymous, and Emily Greenberg. (and everyone who brought classic cars and bikes down to make the road edge a little safer for kids- cheers!)

image has text of summer starter 1 dec 6-8pm, plus bunting

Delaney Davidson, Magic Lightbox


Delaney Davidson, Sunday 19 November, Kiwi Hall / 6.30pm – 8pm
image credit- Arts Foundation

One of the most distinctive figures in the NZ musical landscape is Delaney Davidson. Over a series of albums and compelling live performances he has presented his often jarring yet beautiful songs like some strange spook outlaw phantom, more at home walking through the pines at midnight under a full moon. Fresh from the success of his last European jaunt, catch him in this beautiful and atmospheric old country hall before he disappears again to distant parts unknown.

In Magic Lightbox, Delaney uses an incredible blend of live music and film, paying homage to lost ways of storytelling in his tent show carnival style revival. Dusty highway tales, the old world of Europe, the new world of USA, a glimpse into a forgotten time. Relive the mystery of Switzerland, see New Zealand like you never saw it before, the deserts of California, fairground Brighton by the sea, the cold war Vienna, all roll into one in this irresistible work.

In association with Arts On Tour Trust.




FFF Presents… in association with Arts on Tour

Coming later in the year, some special pop-up events- FFF presents:

Delaney Davidson of Manos del Chango, Monday 20 November

Unfortunately Nicole is unable to tour this November, but never fear, that means we get to experience Delaney’s NEW show Magic Lightbox- an incredible blend of live music and film, paying homage to these lost ways of storytelling in his tent show carnival style revival.

picture of musician delaney davidson
Delaney Davidson’s Magic Lightbox in Featherston!


Manos Del Chango, Delaney Davidson and Nicole Izobel Garcia
Manos Del Chango, Delaney Davidson and Nicole Izobel Garcia


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New Zealand Guitar Quartet at Kiwi Hall

New Zealand Guitar Quartet, Tuesday 18 July

We were delighted more than 100 people came out on a cold winter’s night to experience this truly memorable concert. It was lovely to see a wide range of ages and people from throughout the region.

Thanks to the NZGQ for an outstanding performance, with excellent choice of program; Arts on Tour Trust for arranging these national tour programs, and C’est Cheese and Mr Feather’s Den for their support


“Featherston First Fridays is proud to bring the New Zealand Guitar Quartet to Featherston, in association with Arts on Tour. It’s been said they’re pretty rock’n’roll for classical musicians, and we guarantee it’ll be like nothing Featherston has seen before.
Playing the intimate and atmospheric Kiwi Hall, the NZGQ will transport you around the world in a single concert experience, paying tribute to a range of artists and representing styles as diverse as gypsy jazz, bluegrass, Celtic and flamenco.

The New Zealand Guitar Quartet comprises four uniquely accomplished guitarists who bring an infectious energy to the concert stage. Recently returned from concerts in Australia and heading to China and India later this year, the NZGQ is building an international reputation performing music that transcends borders both geographically and historically.”

FFF is f-f-finished for now..

intermission sign
we’ll be back soon…

The 2016-17 summer season of Featherston First Friday finished with February’s fun filled family friendly fiesta: thanks for coming along and creating such good times together!

To the wonderful people and entities who supported various aspects of the events:

thank you card
you are awesome!!

Trusthouse, Supervalue, The Featherston Community Board, Featherston’s Own Trust, The Warehouse Masterton, Featherston School, The Welsh Dragon Bar, Property Brokers Featherston, Anzac Hall, Graham & Sons Upholsterers, Featherston Library, C’est Cheese, Ant North Catering, Kathy Bartlett, John Broeren.

And much love to our amazing entertainers: Rev Vinyl Burns & Coops Hoops, DJ Denver Grenell, Giddy Up: Naomi Buttermilk, Abie Horrocks & Ed Abrahams, and Patrick Bleakley, Saali Marks, Dayle Jellyman & Mike Jensen.

See you next summer- we’ll be back in November or December for the start of the 2017-18 season. Hope to see you at one of our pop-up events…. keep in the know, join the mailing list by emailing us here

February: Birthday Party

Featherston knows how to party.. and what a beautiful night for it! A few hundred came along to join the party on Feb 3rd, so it seems First Fridays have really taken flight in Featherston. With the Martinborough Fair and a long weekend imminent, more than a few people passing through town stopped off to check out what was happening in the Town Square, which was full of life and colour.

We enjoyed most excellent honkytonk grooves played by Saali Marks, Patrick Bleakley, Dayle Jellyman and Mike Jensen: who played great tunes (for more than two hours I think) and were great sports playing ‘pass the parcel’ and ‘happy birthday’ music. These guys either donated their time or travelled over the Rimutaka Hill on a holiday Friday afternoon- legends!

Pass the parcel, giant Jenga, Twister and the hammocks also proved entertaining to all ages, and the cakes were surely a highlight for many.. perhaps 30 cakes of all sorts were brought along, and passed round and shared in the sun- twas really lovely.

Thanks to the Community Board for funding music, the Warehouse Masterton for pass the parcel prizes and more, and Supervalue for balloons and cake wrangling items : and to Erin at Property Brokers for putting on the much appreciated free sausage sizzle. Thanks to everyone who pitches in, bringing tables, helping on the night, taking photos and sharing, making gorgeous cakes, putting up posters.. what a great night, thanks for coming and embracing it- our awesome community!

xx Martine & Rebekah


Happy Birthday Featherston!

Early February sees Featherston turn 161, and it’s Waitangi weekend, NZ’s birth date: this surely calls for cake!

Shimmy down to the Town Square (affectionately known as the Squircle) on Friday 3rd February, 6-9pm.
There’ll be live music, some traditional party games with a twist, prizes and treats, and a free sausage sizzle thanks to Erin of Property Brokers.

We reckon 161 candles on one cake might cause a meltdown, or a fire- help us out by bringing a cake to share all the candles on, and share together after we (or the wind) blow them out. It may be our birthday but everyone’s invited: this is free event and all are welcome. Visiting the Wairarapa this weekend for the Martinborough Fair? Stop in Featherston First!

January 2017: Unplugged

A truly relaxing evening with communal bbq-ing, colouring in the Squircle, hammocks, laidback hillbilly tunes, and hanging out in the sun.