That’s all Folks! We are taking a break over summer 2019-2020, though keep an eye out for pop-ups. You can always keep the ball rolling and just head to the Squircle on sunny evenings for a get together with friends. Take a guitar and a picnic, and who knows who will join you?

Thanks to everyone who came and had fun together, and a massive thanks to all our supporters and sponsors:

Gold Stars to: Sandie Fletcher, Tiff North, Silvia Sheppard, Emily Greenberg, Pat Bleakley, Chris Miller, Leo Klafke, Renze Bijker, & Featherston School

Grants: South Wairarapa Creative Communities Scheme, South Wairarapa Rotary, Featherston Community Board, Lee Carter & KTBT.

Offers of financial support we didn’t need in the end but REALLY appreciate: Martin the Baker, Jude Kernahan ‘Hey Jude’, Featherston’s Own Trust

Also big love to: Saali Marks, Featherston Library, Kim Potter, Fab Feathy, and everyone who pitched in and helped along the way xxx